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Q & A with Cute Cosmo the Cavalier

Here’s your change to get to know Cosmo a little bit better!

Some time ago now I gave all of my Intagram followers the chance to ask us anything they wanted to know about Cosmo. I have included a bunch of these questions and tried answering the best I could!

So just CLICK HERE to have a read to find out why we ended up with a Cavalier, if Cosmo has a girlfriend yet and what his favourite things are and also if you were picked as the winner?!

Cosmo Polaroid Magnets just Launched!

I have been DYING to share these cute Instagram inspired polaroid magnets with all of you guys! They are super cute just to enjoy Cosmos little cute face – or use them to keep your to-do-lists in check on the fridge or whitebords! I have produced 3 different ones each representing Cosmo and how you have got to know him throughout the past 2 years on Instagram!

  • And last but not least, one magnet to tell all of you I Love you!

So go grab one for yourself while you have the chance – or get one for someone who loves Cosmo , Coffee or Cavaliers!

Click HERE to go straight to the shop!

Love you lots!

Cosmo & Zenia

How We ‘Tongue Out’ on Tuesdays!

Ever wondered how we get those fun and cute tongue out tuesday- pictures ? Well wonder no more! In this short blog I’ve gathered all the information you need! There’s also an exclusive 1 minute video behind the scenes of our ToT photoshoot! I hope you like it!

(…)” our first tongue out picture was honestly more or less of an accident. Pure anticipation of the next treat and then me catching that tongue on camera by luck! Because – let’s be real here. There are plenty outtakes like these to each photo I post!”

Go straight to the blog HERE!

What no one ever told me!

I’m so excited to finally lauch my first blog post! I can’t wait to open up the doors and welcome you a little closer into the life of Cute Cosmo and I. I hope you’ll like it and please leave a comment in the lower section of the blog when you’ve finished reading and let me what you think! Just click the teaser above to go straight to the blog!


Cute Cosmo and I

Hello world!

Welcome to our new website.  We really hope you’ll like it! 

Make sure to take a tour around the site. We will be adding new content to the site as we go ie blogposts, reviews, breeding/health updates and much more to come!  

Can’t wait to share this next adventure with you all!


Cosmo and I.