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Cosmo’s Tip Jar is simply about making dreams come true. By leaving a tip we hope to continue hosting, creating and sharing Cosmo content for you to love and enjoy. We hope to continue improveing our content with both quality and cuteness!

Cute Cosmo’s Tip Jar will be funding the life and adventures of @Cute Cosmo_theCavalier shared dayly with all of you guys on post, stories, blog and website! The Tip Jar will hopefully also help fund the annual costs of health testing Cosmo keeping him up to date on both health and as an available stud. Next up will be his 2’nd heart examination in may 2020. We ofcourse plan to bring you guys along!

An other growing dream of ours is – as you surely know – owning a second cavalier! “Cute Cosmo the CavalierS” ! – Could you imagine!?

– You can help us get there!

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