10 ways to spend a rainy day!

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Autumn has been incredibly rainy here in Denmark this year and both Cosmo and I have been feeling reluctant to go outside. And when we have we have been getting soaked to the bone! So while we wait for those sunny autumn days with crispy leaves under our feet we have come up with some fun stuff to do together inside instead!

Because it’s not only about getting those miles in every day. Doing inside activities can be a great and fun way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and encourage focus! On top of that it’s a great way to bond with your dog and get those smiles going even on a cold wet autumn day. Cosmo and I have several fun go-to-activities and we thought we’d share some of them with you! A lot of these things are easy to do and most things already in your household! Here’s our suggestion to 10 ways to spend a rainy day with your dog!

  • 1. Dinnertime!

It’s time for dinner and the old feeding bowl is as boring as it was the day before. Outside the grass is turning long and wet so spreading it on the grass is less of an option this time of year. So! Grab your old egg tray and serve in that! You can start easy and serve it open and if you want to make it harder just close it up and let your dog figure out how to get to that food! If you have been following for a while you’ve probably seen me doing this with Cosmo aswell. Feeding out of an egg tray is also helpful for thoese fast eating dogs! This will slow them right down and force them to use their nose and mind!

  • 2. Obstacle course!

No need to be a pro agility dog to do a little inside obstacle course. You can start out easy adding just 3 easy steps and with time build up both length and number obstacles. Here’s a simple example of a course to start out with. 3 tall glasses as weave polls, a rolled up towel to jump over and a blanket with your choice of command. Could be an easy ‘sit’ for starters! Here’s Cosmo and I giving it a go! I’m just luring him with a good quality treat. With time fase out the treat and perfect the elements – but most of all -Have fun!

  • 3. ‘Seek n’ Treat-box’!

This is an other quick and easy DIY! Get an old shoe box. Fill it with whatever you can find. I used what I had lying around the house: some cut up toiletpaper rolls, a few balls and rolled up some wrapping paper. I randomly placed the treats but made sure some was placed inside the rolls. You can make it harder or easier by placing more or less treats, closing the ends of the rolls and adding different things in there. Use your imagination and you’re set in matter of minutes!

  • 4. Learn a new trick!

Teaching even your old dog a new trick is a great way to spend time. How about teaching them to weave through your legs? It’s a lot easier than it sounds! Or teach them ‘leave it’ or how about a good old spin? Arm yourself with treats and positive reinforcement and get yourself started! There are hundreds of tricks to learn – one for each rainy day!

  • 5. Grooming!

How about getting that grooming done? And doing it on a day with no rush is perfect. Especially for the dogs that aren’t too happy about grooming. With no rush there is plenty of time to practice and make it a good experience. Set up your grooming table or any table of decent height. Make sure it’s a non-slip surface so your dog feels secure.

With fall here and winter coming make sure those claws and paws are nicely trimmed and you might want to use a good paw wax aswell. There are great ones for protection and also for everyday soothing and prevention. Use a good brush to work through potential knots. A good grooming session is a great way to keep an eye on your dogs general heath aswell. Check those ears and teeth while you’re at it.

  • 6. Photography!

Get the camera out and make some memories. Lighting can be hard on a rainy day so find a nice spot somewhere in the house where the lighting will work too. How about making your very own Tongue Out Tuesday photo? Here’s the direct link to my previous blog letting you in on all the secrets on how we do ours! How we Tongue Out Tuesday

Now go make your own!

  • 7. The 3 cup game!

Get our three cubs from the kitchen and sit on the floor. Let your dog watch as you place a yummy treat under one of the three cups. You then shuffle the cups around and realign the three cups. Now encourage your dog to ‘find the treat’! This game is great mental stimulation and improves their problem salving skills!

  • 8. Herky The Cavalier on Youtube!

A lot of you probably already know our friends Herky and Milton! Besides being the dogs behind our collaboration partners Cavology they also have an awesome Youtube channel. Have you ever checked it out? You should! There are lots of fun stuff there for you to watch! Also a few videos you could try out yourself with you and your pup on a grey afternoon! How about testing your dogs intelligence? We all know they are pretty smart but there are some really fun things your can try to find out just how clever their problem solving skills are! Here’s a link to try it out!

Testing Our Dog’s Intelligence – Dog IQ Test!

  • 9. Hide & Seek 2 ways!

Playing hide and seek with your dog is great fun! Here’s two ways of how!

1. Have your dog do a sit/stay or as they are busy with something else go into an other room and hide. Call them and wait! Your dog will search for you. Calling them more frequently makes it a little easier for them. Try hinding behind the door or under the bed to make it harder! You can reward with treats or a good tug of war when they find you! This is also a great way to reinforce that recall!

2. And other hide and seek is with treat only. If it’s the first time you do this start small. Have your dog wait while you hide the treats on the floor in one room only. As they improve hide the treats in different hights aswell ie on a chair, under a pillow and add more rooms until eventually you’re hinding treat in the entire house! Great nosework!

  • 10. Netflix and Chill!

Sometimes on a cloudy autumn day all you want to do is stay under the covers. And you know what? Then you should do just that! Make yourself a warm cup of coffee, go back to bed and let the rain poor down the window while your dog curls up on your lap. Get that remote control and find your favorite movie and spend the day doing nothing but snuggle and give belly rubs!

With these 10 suggestions we wish you all an amazing autumn. Have a great time – even when it rains!

Leave a comment below and let us know which you’ll try first on your next rainy day! We’d also love to see you try this, so if you share on social media please tag us!

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