Q & A with Cute Cosmo The Cavalier!

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Some time ago now I gave all of my Intagram followers the chance to ask us anything they wanted to know about Cosmo! Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions! I am so happy to see all your questions about the heath of the cavalier and breeding as those are subject I feel very pashionate about. I am also loving all the every-day-rutine-questions and all the little things that will let you get to know Cosmo a little better!

I also promised that a lukcy someone would be picked out and recieve a little something as a Thank you! But! I’m keeping the suspence a little while longer and reviealing the winner later! So keep reading! Get to know us better and see if you got YOUR question answered in this round of Cosmo Q & A !

How many Cavs have you had before? @rudythekingcharles

I have never owned a Cav before! Actually I have always had cats and not dogs. But especially my husband has always dreamed of us owning a dog. Believe it or not I was the one needed to be pursuaded!

What’s Cosmo’s favourite activity and toy? @cavalierbengie

Cosmo actually don’t use toys a lot! He often gets a little stressed with toys and just end up humping them – woupsie! Be he does enjoy long walks in nature! Especially places that allow us to use the long line like forrest or sea side walks!

How do you guys handle the wet/dirty paws situation after coming back from a rainy day? @Lordkarmadog

Oh Boy! With fall coming up we deffinetly cannot ignore those dirty paws! I recommend you reading our blog post “What noone ever told me” for the full story. But we basicly do a paw & belly wash when we come home!

What do you find is the most successful tactic for growing your following!? @fortworthcav

Honestly? Try ignoring the count and do what you love! There are an audiense out there for all kinds of accounts and we follow different ones for different reasons. Some we follow for creativity, some for amazing photes, some for their brilliant photoshop skills, some for their story content – I could keep going. But I think though, that a general thing I would advise would be to engange! Engage with your followers – I assure you that you will find support and friendships out there making it all worth it – no matter the follower count!

Anyone want Cosmo to be a papa yet? @citcat0606

When will you start breeding Cosmo? @tsloan64

When will Cosmo be a dad? @the_country_cavaliers

Did you find a girlfriend? @Bella.de.paris

Seriously – We’re just waiting by the phone! It has been such a void after having him approved. We just want to get started! But! We need a female – we can’t dot his on our own! So ask your breeders. We’re deffinetly on the market for a suitable girlfriend! *wink wink*

How do you plan to pick Cosmos female for breeding? @a_phinney17

Well first of all we sense an unwritten rule of the females contacting us first. But – that being said ofcourse we have some expectations aswell. We need to find a suitable match. Someone to compliment Cosmo. Also she needs to have gone through all relevant health testings aswell as Cosmo has and just as important have a great personality aswell 🙂

Do you want to keep a pup when Cosmo had his first litter with a pretty lady? @Molly_and_the_piggies

When will Cosmo become a daddy and will you keep a puppy? @magnolia_the_cavalier

I would LOVE to keep a puppy from Cosmo. We are deffinetly looking to add a second Cavalier to our family in the future. Maybe next year! And the idea of having a ‘home bred puppy’ just melts my heart. But it would have to be from the right litter. So we will see if that opportunity presents itself. If not, we might be getting an other Cavalier from an other great combination!

Heart disease sourses or advice? @xray_tats_glitter

I have never owned a dog with heart problems and I may not be the right one to ask! I will how ever recommend anyone adventuring into breeding to have their dog heart scanned and also more than once! I also advice you to only buy puppies from breeders than scan their breeding stock! With the propper breeding protecol you can tremendously improve the heart of the Cavalier! In this furry picture Cosmo is having his heart scanned !

How did you get Cosmo to love getting brushed – assuming he likes it because his hair is *love* @rudythekingcharles

I have been grooming Cosmo ever since he was a baby. Even though he didn’t have much fur we still brushed him so that when he would grow into his full fur he would be used to it. We have always made it enjoyable. Lots of treats and cuddles and praises. And always made sure to make the sessions short. Rather do several short enjoyable sessions than forcing through a long session to ‘get the job done’. It pays off in the long run!

Did you travel with Cosmo anywhere outside Denmark? @Cavalierbengie

I have not been outside of Denmark with Cosmo. We have however been driving around Denmark. He is such a good sport while driving. He basicly sleeps all the way. I would love to travel more – and with Cosmo aswell. But time and money has not yet allowed this part of an adventure for us. He would need a doggy passport as well before we could leave Denmark. But who knows! Maybe there will be invitations in the future too hard to resist!

How did you find Cosmo’s breeder? @sophiezorba

When looking for breeders I did a lot of research! I found out what questions to ask and what health tests to look out for! I read up on the Danish Cavalier Club website and read all about the health and what to look for in a breeder. I asked around in the Danish Cavalier community to find out what breeders were recommended and which were not. I also found a nice Cavalier owner who helped me go through the pedigree of my possible new puppy making sure I was making a good informed choice. I will be forever gratefull for her help! I reached out to the breeder and had a long chat on the phone and several visits before bringing home Cosmo 12 weeks later!

How did you learn to prepare a dog before a dog show? @Cavalierbengie

Oh for sure a combination of learning by doing and taking advice from more experienced show dog people. I also signed up for a grooming course hosted by the Danish Cavalier Klub that tought be a lot on just basic every day grooming.

How do you manage your full time job with Cosmo’s IG? @7kingcavaliers

Oh dear! I don’t even know! I might be the crasiest dog person in town for sure! That being said a lot of what we share is simply part of our every day life. I think that is how I fit everything in with job and having a family too. If i had to ‘set up’ everytime I shared with everyone I just wouldn’t have the time. I admit -It can be stressfull at times. Feeling like I owe it to everyone to stay active. I try to stock up on photoes but more than often I’m just creating content as we go and however we feel inspired to. It’s so important to me to stay true to us and keep it fun!

How much does Cosmo walk in a day? @choco.cavalier

We take Cosmo on a propper walk once a day but also bring him if we’re out and about! On the weekends we usually go on longer walks/adventures or on Cavalierwalks with the Cavalier Club. You might have seen this on our stories aswell. We also do dogshow training and lots of nosework to keep him stimulated. And ofcourse – when we’re out on photoshoots too! He always has full access to the garden and he lets us know if he want to go outside.

What are your tips to keep long Cavalier fur beautiful and soft? @lady.the.cavie

A good shampoo and conditioner does wonders. Cavaliers can have very different fur and what’s right for your friends blenheim might not be what’s right for your tricolour! We have found something that works for us but a few items have become essential for us! A blower and great brushes and finishing off with a Dry coat like this gives the best results. I have promised to do a blog on a full groom. I better get started soon! 🙂

Does Cosmo Moult a lot? @gray.s17

He does not! But! I think this is partly because I give him regular showers. A full bath every 4 weeks and belly washes almost daily. Also since getting my blower and having used that a lot more I think we get rid of a lot of those loose/old hairs that also makes the fur moult more easily. I give him a good brush through every week or every two weeks. And his ears are quite easily kept concidering their size. Again – a good shampoo and conditioner does wonders. A clean dog simply doesn’t moult as bad. But again! Different structures of fur causes different problems. Also concider if you have the right harness, use snoods when feeding and whatever can make life with a long haired dog easier!

Did you always know you wanted a Cavalier? How did you come across this breed? @missjulietteandladyrose

We came across this breed at our childrens day care! Charlie was a tricolour – old, deaf and toothless but such a sweetheart! We loved him so much. So natually when my familiy started begging for a dog we did a lot of reaserch on the breed to see if it would fit our lifestyle! And luckily it did. But honestly – I never really wanted a dog. I have always had cats! haha. And look at me now? I LOVE Cavaliers! I’m part of the Board in the Danish Cavalier Club. I do volouteer work as an area coordinator hosting Cavalier walks. I instagram and blog about my dog’s life – He truely became my dog in the end. I wouldn’t want it any other way and I thank them for convincing me!

Can you share Cosmos “What I eat in a day”? @michaela_vass

Cosmo is mainly fed kibble. I serve his kibble once a day – in the evenings. We used to feed x 2 a day but he wouldn’t eat. We have found that once a day works better for Cosmo! He gets a raw bone about once a week asell. And 3-5 times a week he gets some sort of natural treat like a dried duck neck or beef strips. I also very often add some cut offs of the meat we’re preparing for ourselves to his kibble, an egg or fish oil. Adding to that I always have treats in my pocket and I’m not being cheep. I guess he’s quite spoiled when it comes to food. Luckily we have no problem keeping his weight!

What is your favourite and least favourite thing to eat? @lordbyron.ladypeggy

I think what gets him the most excited is raw meat and bones! Nothing gets him jumping around like those! He also loves cooked chicken or good quality natural treats! He refuses to eat any veggies or fruits and will spit them out if I put them in his food! This picky eater knows what he likes!

What health risks/wellness tips should owners of pure bred pups be aware of? @weasleyt_is_our_kingg

I don’t know that a pure breed owner should fear anything more than a mixed breed would. All dogs are at a risk of becoming ill. I think with the Cavalier you can do a lot of research before hand. Ask a lot of good questions to your breeder in order to lower those risk. I do believe that you are at lower risk if you buy from a good breeder and from healthy lines. But always ‘listen’ to your dog! React if they are changing their behaviours! Keep ud with regular vet visits, vaccinate, and feed them well. We all hope to have our companions with us for as long as possible!

What’s your favourite thing about Cosmo? @theo_the_cavalier

My favourite thing about Cosmo is his pretty face and soft fur. I could cuddle with him forever if he’d let me. But I also love his personality. He’s so gentle and easy going! He’s deffinetly everything I hoped he would be!

When is your Gotcha day? @evie_the_cav

This is little baby Cosmo sleeping in his crate in the car on his way home to his new forever home. This was on the 16’th of june 2016. We had actually brought this crate to the breeder a few weeks before on one of our visits there. On our request she placed it in her living room so that he could get used to it. He was just 8 weeks old and a tiny little brave baby when we took him home. But because this crate had been in his home for weeks, he had slept in it with his mom. So this crate was safe for him and smelled like his mom. Perfect way to do it and he still to this day loves this crate so much! I recommend doing this if you are getting a puppy too! Now I can’t belive he is 3 years old already. But what a blessing he is!

This was it for my Q & A!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Cosmo a little better and that you got all of your questions answered! If not feel free to leave any additional questions in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them or add then to any Q & A in the future!

You are also more than welcome to leave a comment if you have any imput on any of the questions that I answered. Maybe YOU have some great idea or tip that makes your doglife easier and want to share that with us all!

Thank you again to all of you who sent in your questions!

Dear @Cavalierbengie please message me in an @instagram DM for your little surprise gift as we have picked you as a winner! As a thank you for sending in your question we would love to give you a Cosmo Magnet of your choice from our shop and a little treat as well!

With lots of love, Cute Cosmo the Cavalier & Me

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