What no one ever told me!

This is what I always imagined it would look like walking my Cavalier – Clear blue skies and a long beautiful coat blowing in the wind. But! There was something not revieled in the perfect pictures and never passed on to me by other dogowners!

Welcome to my first blog!

Alright -I’m just going to cut straight to the chase here! Cosmo stinks! Yes – you heard me! And if you own a male Cavalier, there is a pretty good chance you know what I am talking about! Am I right? It’s the pee! Cosmo will pee on himself on every walk resulting in him being quite a challenge for a sensitive nose like mine! I feel like it’s one of those funny little mom-secrets that you don’t hear about until you’re actually a dog mom. And that all the other moms just bursts into a friendly laugh and says “Ohh yeaaaah ! They totally do that! hahah!”  So! Listen up! Because here’s a spoiler for all of you not yet in the boy-dogmom-secret society;

Male cavaliers are stinkers! Well at least – Cosmo is! *giggles*

Being an intact male he simply just lifts that leg every 30 seconds of the first 15 minutes of a walk – even when he can not possibly be able to pee any more – he still lifts that leg to sprickle his gold all over! – And being a part time show dog in full coat that simply leaves some work for us when we get home. Cosmo is allowed just about everywhere in the house including the sofa and the bed. So something needs to be done if we’re both going to enjoy those late morning belly rubs in bed you see us having on our @Instagram stories.  

Some say that a simple baby wet vipe does the trick – maybe this could do the trick for you and then that’s great and easy! But! For us that simply does not cut it – we’ve tried! And sorry, not in a million years would this ever be enough for us.  When Cosmo was a teenager he smelled soooo bad! Honestly, I could hardly be in the room with him. At one point I almost regretted getting a male and I was embarrassed if we had people over. With age this has become way less. Now with Cosmo being 3 years old he only cranks up the stink if there are other dogs around to impress! I still sometimes feel a little conscious about him looking so cute and then revealing that stink when someone wants to give him a kiss and a cuddle. But his cuteness really just wins and everybody loves him – even when he’s being a little  stinker – myself included ofcourse. He’s male – it’s just part of the deal!  

So we started our bath rutines early on and we have continued to this day.  It goes a little something like this:

After every walk Cosmo gets what we call a “Belly wash”. When we come home he know’s eactly what to do. He’s not the biggest fan and he will try to sneak under the radar if possible. He’d rather just go roll on the grass in the garden!

But he’s a good boy and with a treat in my hand he’s convinced that it is worth it after all. He knows the rutine. He walks up the stairs to the bathroom and all the way into the shower on his own. Ready for his shower!

Cute Cosmo ready for his post walkie belly wash!

We call it a belly wash but it’s basically his belly, his front legs, paws and during winter also his chest and butt. Also – during wintertime the belly wash helps with washing off all that salt from the roads. I make sure to always rinse thoroughly making sure I do not leave any shampoo on his skin! I usually use a shampoo called *Grøn the shampoo* or * Deep white shampoo to get rid of any discoloration.

Washing your dog like this every day is not a problem as long as you make sure to use good products and rinse. I think these daily belly wash are actually a big part of why his coat is so easily kept. Clean dogs simply don’t mat as bad! He NEVER has any mats on his belly, armpits nor on legs or paws!

After his bath I gently squeeze the water out one leg at a time and then I sit down on the floor with the towel ready. He is so familiar with this routine that he will walk out of the shower and come straight to me for a good dry all on his own.

We finish off with a treat ofcourse… or plenty – for being such a good boy! And then comes the ZOOMIES! I bet you know them too?! He runs completely wild and usually goes running for either our beds if possible but usually takes several mad turn-arounds in his crate and then head straight to the sofa to strike up agains it to dry! Note to self: ALWAYS remember to close the garden door. I have leared this the hard way. He will guaranteed run outside – roll in the grass and the dirt resulting in an even dirtier dog than when started. Been there, done that 😉

Cosmo mid zoomie
  • By law i must inform you that in the following there will be advertisement for Dogwash.dk.
Cosmo enjoying a blowdry with our blower from Dogwash.dk

I must admit though, that after getting our blower from Dogwash the zoomies have been less frequent. It doesn’t take much of a blowing for him to feel dry and I too feel better about him not being cold and wet for an hour after every walk! Specially with fall and winter coming up this blower will become a permanent step in our belly wash routine! Read more about the blower here and how to save money on your purchase using our discount code “cosmo”!

When all is over and done with he loves it if we can just curl up on the sofa together. There’s nothing like a good snooze post walkies! And of course I will gladly offer plenty of belly rubs on that clean white non stinky belly of his!

I hope you liked our first blog. I’d love for you to leave a comment below or feel free to ask any questions you might have! Also – Stay tuned for more blogs in the future. I can’t wait to invite you further into and behind the sceene of the life of Cute Cosmo.

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To come: I will also be taking you through Cosmo’s full bath aswell! I will show you everything I use to keep his coat silky white, clean and mat free!

22 Replies to “What no one ever told me!”

  1. Congratulations on your first blog post! And I know exactly what you mean by STINK. Maja is female, but when we go visit her parents in the countryside and see her daddy looking exactly like her but all curly and fluffy and sweet I run to give him a big cuddle – he runs too, and glues himself to my face – but aaaaaagh he doesn’t get belly washes (being a wild child in the country) so I just have to grin and bear the suffocation! It’s good that the two of you have a routine that works so well.

  2. That’s why i have always had female dogs. Even though i luvall dogs boys are a bit lazy and terribly smelly when going to the toilet.

  3. I loved your first blog!
    We also bought a blower for our dogs. The first time I used it there was hair everywhere! Specially with Kos our australian shepherd. With Mila (our Cavalier) it was white hair drifting into the air. How do you catch the hair?

    1. It’s great for getting rid of all that shedding hair! If it’s really bad I do it outside! But otherwise I usually just make sure the room I am in is tidy, close the door and vaccuum after when the hairs have settled. Thankfully Cosmo does not shed too bad and maily have two periods a year of bad shedding.

  4. Congratulations on your first blog post!!
    Jane is a female but I often wash her paws and belly after our walkies, mainly because, just like Cosmo, she has access to every part of the house, so I like her to stay clean and good smelling!
    Can’t wait to read your next post!

  5. Fuldstændig som at læse om mine og Jaspers rutine efter hver gåtur!
    Indimellem synes jeg virkelig det er træls,; især fordi jeg har dårlig ryg og så skal ned på hug og læne mig ind over brusekabinen. Virkelig hårdt med to diskusprolapser i lænden!
    Min søde kæreste har fundet et højt bord, hvor bordskiven er rund og kan dreje. Den har han monteret en stor plastkkurv på, og skåret store åbninger i, så jeg kan bruse Jasper under maven og på fanerne. Det er sådan set fint, men al for tungt at løfte ind og ud af brusekabinen, når man selv skal i bad.
    Jeg drømmer om et bryggers, hvor Jasper selv kan gå op i en stor vask på en eller anden måde….
    Trods alt det bøvl med vask tre gange om dagen, og indimellem tanken om hvor meget nemmere det ville have været med en tæve, så har jeg det som dig: elsker min hund og ville ikke bytte ham for nogen anden hund i verden ❤️ Kh Christine

    1. Hej Christine! Er glad for du kan genkende historien! Havde aldrig hørt om det før vi fik Cosmo. Men det er også fordi der er så meget godt som fylder. Er ked af at læse om din ryg – kan godt forstå du ønsker dig alternativer! Dogwash.dk har også nogle lækre trimmeborde som min rabatkode også virker til-

  6. Love following your Instagram…so naturally I loved reading your blog. Congrats on the first blog and looking forward to reading more. Kinda glad my cav is a female after reading this! ❤️

  7. I totally know what you mean, I owned a male cavalier for 13 years and he always smelled like pee too. Good to know it’s a common thing. And I loved the first blog texts, keep going with the good job! 🙂

  8. So, so true! Although Charlie is altered, when he has a full coat, we do have a problem. We live in South Florida, USA so I keep his coat short because of the heat, etc. I will check out the dryer because I’m always looking to work smarter !

    1. Hi Tricia! Funny how so many can relate and none of us knew before! Haha. I guess it must because the cuteness overshadows all!. Do check out the blower – if you send them a DM they are willing to help you figure out shipping to the US! Thank you for dropping a comment on my first blog!

  9. I really love to read this and yes l find one of my boys in your Blog Pepe could be a brother of Cosmowe have the same dayly routine as you with him . Now I am very exciting about your next Blog

    1. Hello Karin. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my first blog. We really appreciate your support!. Kisses to the boys!

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