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Blog posts:

First week with new puppy Disco!

Wow! A new puppy! Who saw that comming? I will tell you all about how this came about! I will be sharing pictures never shown before and share highlights from bringing him home, meeting Cosmo, settling in, nights & potty training, – all there is to know about the first week with Disco Deluxe! Just CLICK HERE!

Hopes & Dreams and New Year Resolutions

2019 is coming to an end faster than I knew possible. I litterally feel like I should hang on to my seat or Cosmo and I wont make it into 2020!

I can’t believe an other year has flown by so quickly! So much has happened it’s unbelievable. We’ve just reached 20,500 followers while writing this and have been blessed with more than 415.000 likes to our 244 posts throughout the year of 2019! Let me just say that YOU guys are foundation of this adventure and for that we humbly thank you!

I hope you will join me in a trip down memory lane as I look back and reflect on 2019 and lastly share some of our hopes and dreams for 2020!
Happy New Year sweet friends!
We love you ♥️



Hey guys! 

A while ago I sat down and wrote an article for the danish magazine Cavalierposten. Cavalierposten is puplished 4 times a year by The Danish Cavalier Club here in Denmark where we live. I wanted to write an article about my journey with Cosmo on social media. I wanted to let people know that being on social media is more than just like-hunting and followercounts. That social media offers many adventures and a big community with lots to offer! And ofcourse I wanted to share this article with you guys too! So here it is – a run through how we got started and a few thoughts and stories from our journey. 

For English Version click HERE

For Dansk version klik HER

Fresh out of the shower!

Cute Cosmo’s Full Bath & Groom!

Cosmo’s full bath & grooming rutine! All my little tips and tricks – all the inside information on how I keep that long fur of his mat free and super shiny! Everything you’ve been asking me!

Grab a coffee – you’re in for quite a read! #Sorrynotsorry

To thank you all for reading along there’s a surprise for you at the end of this blog! You don’t want to miss out! Go check it out right now!

Just CLICK HERE to go straight to the detailed blog on how I do a full bath and groom with Cute Cosmo the Cavalier!


Autumn has been incredibly rainy here in Denmark this year and both Cosmo and I have been feeling reluctant to go outside. And when we have – we have been getting soaked to the bone! So while we wait for those sunny autumn days with crispy leaves under our feet we have come up with some fun stuff to do together inside instead. We would enjoy nothing more than to share them with you!

So here they are – our 10 ways to spend a rainy day! We hope you’ll enjoy!

– Q & A with Cute Cosmo the Cavalier –

Here’s your change to get to know Cosmo a little bit better!

Some time ago now I gave all of my Intagram followers the chance to ask us anything they wanted to know about Cosmo. I have included a bunch of these questions and tried answering the best I could!

So click HERE to read all about Cosmo’s favourtie treats, find out if he has a girlfriend yet and lots more!

How We ‘Tongue Out’ on Tuesdays!

Ever wondered how we get those fun and cute tongue out tuesday- pictures ? Well wonder no more! In this short blog I’ve gathered all the information you need! There’s also an exclusive 1 minute video behind the scenes of our ToT photoshoot! I hope you like it!

(…)” our first tongue out picture was honestly more or less of an accident. Pure anticipation of the next treat and then me catching that tongue on camera by luck! Because – let’s be real here. There are plenty outtakes like these to each photo I post!”

Go straight to the blog HERE!

What No one ever told me!

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  1. Hi Zenia and Cosmo,
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