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Currently working with Siccaro, Dogwash & Hundeparadiset

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Ethics: We do not promise to do post/stories of a product before recieving it. Not even if it’s free! We do however happily recieve products for testing first. If we enjoy your product and it lives up to it’s promise we are more than happy to share our oppinion with our followers on our stories! We have chosen to follow this simple rule to make sure we deliver only quality and honest reviews to our followers. They deserve the best! #cosmoapproved♥️

Gifts: Interested in working with us? Have something you want us to try out? Want to send us a PR gift? Sure reach out!

Collabs: Are you interested in a more serious collaboration with posts, set amount of stories, linked-swipe ups, links in my Bio, testimonials etc. then do reach out for our rates or make an offer. Rates varies pending the amount of time, amount of post, stories and other features wanted. I’m sure we can figure something out so don’t hessitate to reach out.

“It’s not currently in our budget -Why does it cost money?” : Because exposure doesn’t pay the bills and neither does freebies and what we do takes a lot of time! It’s building a community, it’s engaging, annylizing trendings, finding inspiration, recording, creating, editing ongoing content and so much more. However! In return we promise professionalism, reaching deadlines, great reach, quality content & the chance to tap into our amazing dog community.

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