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Hello and welcome to the homepage of Cute Cosmo the Cavalier

You probably know us from Instagram at @CuteCosmo_TheCavalier, from the Cavalier community in Denmark or because you’ve found interest in Disco as a stud dog.

Either way – Thank you for visiting our page!

Here you will find information in both English and Danish, I will however also be adding content along the way that is only one or the other according to relevance.

Always feel free to reach out to me for any questions you might have!

Du kender os sikkert fra Instagram på kontoen @CuteCosmo_TheCavalier eller fra Cavalier fællesskabet i Danmark. Uanset – Tak fordi du besøger vores side!

Her vil du finde information på både engelsk og dansk, jeg vil også lave indhold hen ad vejen, som er enten på det ene eller det andet sprog, hvor det er relevant. Du er altid velkommen til at at kontakte mig med spørgsmål.

About Cute Cosmo The Cavalier – On ‘The Gram’

Cute Cosmo the Cavalier started several years back as just a page to share my love for my first Cavalier – Home of Love Cute Cosmo – “Cosmo” on the daily. Cosmo is my first Cavalier, a tricolour and 7 years old. He’s my first love & my founding obsession!

My page started back when Instagram was just a photosharing app and I loved sharing pictures of Cosmo. He was for a while crowned the King of ToT (tounge out tuesday – a trend showing pups with their tounges sticking out like the picture here!) We also focused for a while on enrichment & postitivity.

Over time we added Disco to the mix – I’ll leave the presentation of him seperately as you might want to dive more into him as my show & breeding stud aswell. But he’s my Black & Tan cavalier and now 3 years old. My show dog, my love bug and my stud dog!

Over time Instagram changed and we decided to change with it. Instagram became more and more about video content and we discovered how sharing sweet uplifting content could be combined with easy at home grooming tips to dogowners all over the word. This have resulted in todays account sharing grooming & doglife inspiration with almost 100.000 followers from all over the world!

About the human behind

Me and my two boys

My name is Zenia and I am the owner of Cosmo & Disco. I am a proud dogmom, a hobby photographer, an instagrammer/influencer & also very passionate about the breed and have taken my first steps into the world of breeding.

My first breeding dream started with Cosmo but unfortunetly he was diagnosed with MMVD quite early and luckily never made any puppies. Disco is now fully health tested under the amazing Danish breeding program and I am truly proud that he has sired his first two litters . You can find more about Disco’s offspring if you tap HERE or use the drop down meny “Litters by Disco” above.

I work part time as an OR nurse, function full time on coffee and spend most of my free time doing lots of things Cavalier-related!

Want to support the adventures of Cosmo & Disco? Leave a tip! Tips are greatly appreciated – but not required. Thank you.