First week with new Puppy Disco!

Wow! A new puppy! Who saw that comming? I will tell you all about how this came about! I will be sharing pictures never shown before and share highlights from bringing him home, meeting Cosmo, settling in, nights & potty training, – all there is to know about the first week with Disco Deluxe.

But first! How did the dessision even come about?

“… I also dream about adding an other member to our family. I dream about having two cavaliers but torn between the dream of keeping a son of Cosmo (Because – omg imagine a mini-Cosmo!) or bringing in new blood.(I’ve got puppy fever so bad!) So while I figure out the finances, the pros and the cons this decision is still up in the air. I’m excited to see where it lands and I promise you’ll be the first to know! …”

That’s what I wrote not too long ago in my new year resolution blog. Torn between two ways of reaching my 2020 dream of owning a second cavalier. The decition was hard – and I was back and forth more times than I can count.

Speaking against waiting for a puppy from Cosmo was being all the unknown factors. When will he father his first litter and by who? I wouldn’t nessisarily take a puppy from the very first bitch who’d come along. And sometimes things just fall into place and you get that feeling of ‘meant to be’. That’s how I felt with Disco.

Love of Frost’s Litter D.

The litter of 4 was born on december 16’th in the home of the breeder Janni Frost at @Love_of_frosts_cavaliers . At the time I was not looking for a puppy at all. But I followed along as I have with her previous litters. I did however notise the beautiful black & tan male puppy that was born. A friend enticingly suggested I take this male – she had heard me talking about a b&t many times before. I was tempted for sure – I knew I had time off from work by the time he would be able to move to his forever home. But I parked the idea and tried to shake it off. However – the thought of him kept returning and I talked to the breeder about my thoughts and hessitations. No pressure.

I kept sending this photo to my husband along with messages like ” Isn’t he just the cutest?” or ” Imagine if he was ours” <3

We had already made plans to visit the puppies – just as I had with her previous litter. A week before the day arrived an mutual friend of ours texted me. She too was going to see the puppies; to look at the b&t male! – That she was concidering buying him! My heart sank as I starred at the text. It litterally felt like someone just bought MY dog! “Wow”…. that’s all I was able to text back. My dog?? Did I really just miss out on my chance just because I was being so indecisive? Thankfully she was just teasing me. Having two blenheim girls already this wasn’t even in her interest. But it was that feeling of devastation I kept going back to. That meant something! Funny little fact is that this very person was the same who helped me pick Cosmo almost 4 years back!

Baby Cosmo

I went to visit the puppies at 6 weeks old still not having made any final dessisions. I brough Cosmo along for the visit. The minute I saw that little b&t in the puppy play pen my eyes watered. I loved him a little already to be honest! We came inside & Cosmo headed straight over to him – He could have shown interest in any of the 4 puppies but it was the little black & tan male the he chose. It completely melted my heart. He was curious and gentle with him – so absolutely wonderful to see.

It was a great visit. In the car on my way home I was still completely back and forth. Taking in a second cavalier is a huge dessision and I wasn’t about to take it lightly. How would Cosmo feel about a second dog? Was it selfish? What about the finacial aspect – both short and longterm? I’m a real thinker, a worrier and I had to settle all those thoughts and feelings inside and I had to make sure that the knot in my stomack was just my normal insecurity about big dessions.

But everything seemed so perfect. I couldn’t bare the thought of him going to live anywhere else. A perfect litter D – Fitting right in to my litter of My oldest daughter A, my youngest daughter B, My first Cavie love Cosmo and then…. Little baby Disco Deluxe. He had to come join our lives. My husband and kids were thrilled as I finally told the breeder that we would be honored to give Disco a forever home here with us.

Bringing Home Disco

On the 10’th of May only two weeks later Disco turned 8 weeks and he was ready to leave the safe space of his house and adventure on to a new one. I asked for advice from others with two Cavaliers and many suggested we just brought Cosmo along. However I felt it was quite the drive for him and I could feel that it would somehow stress me out a little. For that reason I left Cosmo at home. I packed up his tiny little collar, dogtag and a carrier and jumped in the car that completely ran on butterflies all the way to the breeder – ready to bring my baby home!

We stayed for a while before we heading home again. Chatting, going through papers. Got contracts done. Getting a last group photo. And then with a hint guilt it was finaly time to go. I couldn’t help but think about how we were taking this little baby from his mother, his sister and the humans he knew as his. But Disco took no notise as he settled in on the lap of my daughter in the front seat next to me. Just so piecefull and calm. He napped most of the way home only interrupted by a quick pitstop on the way home. He ofcourse charmed everyone from his carrier as we stopped for lunch!

Meeting Cosmo

Since I didn’t bring Cosmo we had to figure out some other ‘safe’ way to have them meet. We were adviced to have them meet on neutral ground and unleashed. Since Denmark is so incredibly rainy and windy these days we had to settle with the backyard. We sat Disco on the ground and let Cosmo out. Immediatly there were wagging tails and I let out a sigh of relief. We quickly went inside. Cosmo spent the rest of the evening sniffing Disco, trying to figure out this little baby that had suddenly come into our house. In the past when Cosmo gets overly excited or stressed he humps. And he did try to hump little Disco aswell. But only a few times, super gentle and carefully and only that first night. I had feared I had to spend weeks on this – but one night of divertion and positive reinforcement when being a good boy Cosmo just let him be. If you haven’t already I recomment you checking out our “Disco highlights” on Instagram. It holds the videoes of their very first meeting along with lots of ofther videoes from this very first week! Find it here!

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Cosmo! He is so mellow and calm. And welcoming Disco into our life didn’t change that one bit. That night we settled in with Cosmo on my pillow as usual and Disco in a small crate next to our bed. We slept through till the next morning.

For the first time….

Settling in – Day and night.

These first days home for us has been all about settling in. Getting to know eachother humans as well as dogs. Getting to know the house, the smells, finguring out where to eat, drink, nap and pee! It’s so overwhelming for such a little puppy but Disco is brave and happy and has faced everything head on! He even barks! Haha. Oh dear. Having Cosmo who almost never barks this little black devil really has a voice! It’s so funny! He barks for attention – and for playtime with Cosmo when he ignores him. It melts my husbands heart and I try to be all ‘clever’ and tell him to ignore the barks. But really it melts my heart a little too.

He really wants to play with Cosmo and hang from his ears. But Cosmo isn’t quite ready for play yet. He’s curious, tollerant and interested. But he growls at him if he tries to get near him and his bone. But it’s exactly as it should be and Disco has a very good dog language and backs off. We have really let the dogs figure most of it out on their own. Not asking too much of Cosmo and making sure Disco wasn’t being too much of a pain either. To my surprise already on the second evening Cosmo was settling in on the sofa right next to me and Disco. And when we went to bed that night and just wanted to let Disco settle with us before going in his crate Cosmo let him lay down right next to him.

And just like that – on the second night – we were sold and the crate was history! Every night since then both boys have been sleeping in bed with us – and with eachother – and sleeping through! I genuinly believe it’s because he’s right there with all of us. Save and secure.

Potty training

Potty training can be such a challenge I know! And i’m NOT trying to make anything look easy. Puppies are different and it can take MONTHS! But we have been sooo so lucky with Disco so far! With Cosmo we felt like he was basicly house trained when we got him. He has had less accidents than I have fingers and bringing him home during summer made it such a breeze. At least that’s how I remember it. We took him out every time he had slept, eaten, drunk, played hard or once an hour – which ever came first. And we have been doing the same with Disco. It seems to be working! He has only had indoor accidents 3 times in this first week. He will even go towards the door now when he needs to pee! Good job Disco! The horrible rain and winds here aren’t making it easier. But we are being supper attentive to his bodylanguage and sticking to the ‘rules’. If he wanders off nose to the floor out he goes for a wee and tons of praises! We’ll try to keep up the good work and hope he’ll get the hang of it soon. Ofcourse we’ll expect accidents especially once we have to go back to work.


He tilted his head when doing this shoot. Side to side. It was sooo adorable so I’m hoping he’ll keep doing it!

Because unfortunetly we can’t stay in this happy baby bliss bobble forever. Even though right now I feel like quitting my job and just staying home doing stuff with the dogs all the time I have to go back to work. We have all been home for a full week now. And this week the boys will be hanging out with Cavdad while the rest of us are off to work and school. On the 3’rd and 4’th week we’re only away 2 days each week so I feel like we have plenty of time to ease Disco into our lives, to crate train, to pratice being home alone and introducing him to all sort of things in life the next couple of months – his first dogshow included!

I can’t wait to find out more about Disco. To see what kind of personality he’ll grown into. To mould this baby dog into an adult balanced, friendly & happy Cavalier – just as the breed is known to be.

So even though I cried a few tears for Cosmo loosing his status as an only child on that last night before picking Disco up I truely feel we have gifted him with something else in return. These two boys will grow closer each day and I can’t wait to follow along as they do.

I hope you’ll want to follow along too <3

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  1. Such a beautiful read! Somethings in life are just meant to be and you have to follow your heart. By doing so, you found Disco!!!

  2. Such a beautiful post!! I really felt your words, especially when you talked about your “worries” about Cosmo losing his “only child” status, because I feel those are the same “fears” that are keeping me away from taking a second cav. So yes, thanks for being open and sharing your story! Can’t wait to know more about cute little Disco!

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