Hopes & Dreams and New year resolutions

Looking back at 2019

2019 is coming to an end faster than I knew possible. I litterally feel like I should hang on to my seat or Cosmo and I wont make it into 2020 in time! I can’t believe an other year has flown by so quickly! So much has happened it’s unbelievable. We’ve just reached 20,500 followers while writing this and have been blessed with more than 415.000 likes to our 244 posts throughout the year. Let me just say that YOU guys are foundation of this adventure and for that we humbly thank you!

New year resolutions or not- new year is a good occation to at least look back at the year that passed and give the new year to come some thought. What was great about 2019? And What do we hope for the new year to come?

Last year at New Years I wrote down some of these thought and shared them with you all in my New Year post. And what better time than now to look back? I hope you’ll follow me down this memory lane blog to see how it all went.

One of the first things I addressed in last years New Year post was our Instagram-resolutions. We wanted to contunue ‘doing us’ and stay true to that and through stories and posts connect with the Instagram dog community. I know it sounds so cliché but I truely mean it. By ‘doing us’ I want to make content that Cosmo and I enjoy creating and just cross our fingers along the way that you will love it too. We’re happy if we put a smile on a face, give usefull advice, inspire or support or just give a glimps of our everyday dog life. It is so important to keep the fun and not get caught up in unrealistic expectations of others! Measure yourself in the eyes of those who love you – not in the eyes of those who don’t!


By the end January 2019 we hit our first big Instagram milestone of 10.000 followers! Back then this is what I wrote:

10.000 followers. It is simply unbelievable. I never knew what this could grow into. ♥️
•It’s not only about followers. About likes. About content. It’s about Cosmo and I. About spending quality time with my boy. Working together. About photography. About creating something pretty and playfull. About relationships – friendships even. About dreams coming true and about angels. ♥️
•I am so happy I decided to go all in on this strange journey that many around me in my ‘real life’ fail to understand. •This community is something special. You don’t know untill your are part of it. So…. Thank you! Thank you for being part of my community. For your support and for your love.
We love you back!  Just as much as we love coffee – and that says a lot!♥️

And now a few weeks ago we hit a second big milestone. 20.000 followers! My god it felt surreal! I really feel we have stayed true to our journey in 2019. Created content that is ‘us’ and truely connected with our community and it has payed off. I put great efford into engaging and connecting with you all the best I can – I’m never more than a DM away and I do my best to guide, advice, laugh along with and support you all the very best I can – same as you do for me! For all the accounts, friendships, dogs and humans it has lead onto our path we are truely greatefull.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Working with companies

A hope we had for 2019 was working with a company. By the end of 2018 the proper opportunity hadn’t presented itself yet. It was very important to us to connect with a brand or company that we could see ourself in and proudly represent – not just jump on the first scam-account that dm’ed us.

In january/february a few editions of ‘The Cav Weekly News’ were presented on our page and we had fun recapping some of the fun news and gossip from the cavalier community! Highlighting ofcourse the end of the very popular Cavologybrand Rep Search! More than 1000 entries resulted in 12 lucky pups and we were excited to be one of them! So for almost a year now have we been part of Cavologybrand as one of their brand reps. It has been such a fun journey! We love their rope leashes and especially their latest addition to the brand; The Vegan Leashes. I have spend more days than I can count in their human apperal and Cosmo’s first ever PJ is by Cavology and is deffinetly not his last. We got to share a promotion code ‘COSMO’ to give all of our friends a 10% discount. I hope you guyes have enjoyed saving a few $$$ when getting your favourite Cavologybrand items! Thank you Cavology for trusing us to be part of your team!

Throughout the year a few more companies has crossed our path. We’ve partered up with a couple of Danish companies like Dogwash.dk & Hundeparadiset.dk aswell as a few more international and national partners here and there. Having grown into the account we are now we get offers from companies almost weekly. We decline most of them. And I must say I get pickier as we go. I was actually asked about this in a DM only a few days ago. How to pick a company – when to say yes and when to say no. I think I’ll do a blog about it soon! I personally do not promise companies anything before hand. I want to see, touch and try their product first! So if you ever see us promoting something you can be sure we thought about it long and hard before sharing it with you guys!


2019 has also been a year of photography. I got my first ever ‘real’ camera last christmas and boy has it given me and Cosmo hundreds of hours of fun! I love to work with Cosmo and the camera! Weather it’s pictures for posts or products we take on the challange and just have fun with it. Cosmo knows the camera and I’m pretty sure he loves it too! Mainly for all the treatoes- and I think he deserves a raise! 😉 It has brough us to the Cover of magazines, into articles, memorie puzzles, calendars and even newspapers and radioshows. It has brought us so many exciting features on small and big accounts on Instagram and I’m proud that so many people get to see my photos! I’ve gathered my 2019 monthly favourites in a collage below.

Breeding Hopes

As most of you know one of my biggest hopes for 2019 was to have Cosmo approved for breeding. When writing my New Year resolutions last year I wasn’t sure if I could make this dream come true. But just like in the fairytailes where fairy goodmothers and magic excists we were blessed with the opportunity to make this dream come true.

We took you all along with us in instagram Story function as we progressed through every test – patella, eyes, heart and most nervingly the MRI scan for SM. All of which luckily he passed and by summer 2019 I could finally announce Cosmo available for breeding by all standards!

So far we have had several inquireries from all over the world, a few curious Danes and a few ‘next year-hopes’ but no litters to show for it yet. Cosmo has so much to offer so we are patiently waiting for the right one to come along.

It has been very important for me to share the importance of health testing. Knowlegde is power and to improve the health of the breed in general we must not only make sure the breeders are health testing but also make sure that the buyers are informed and set demands and only buy puppies from health tested parents. If there are no buyers for puppy-mill-puppies then there are less reasons to breed these poor animals! So friends. Please buy your puppy with your head – the heart will easily follow. And fellow breeders please health test your beautiful dog before you breed.

Even though 2019 didn’t bring puppies from Cosmo his sister on the other hand had her very first beautiful litter. Cosmo and I were lucky enough to meet them! Here’s a few pictures from that day!

Volounteer work & Dogshows

An other resolution was to continue doing volounteer work for the Danish Cavalier Club. I was and still am organizing Cavalier walks in my area and have spent 2019 building that into quite a decent group of cav-families. I am so happy to have so many people and cavaliers join us on our walks. I enjoy organizing these walks and other fun event too. I do my best to help and advice to the best of my abilities. On top of that I entered The Danish Cavalier Club Board. From here I try to do my best to help The Danish Cavalier Club with everything from decision making, economics, the magazine Cavalierposten, organizing dogshows, health decisions, events within the club and for it’s members and so much more. I do my best to make a difference and to make The Danish Cavalier Club a place for everyone with love for the Cavalier.

In 2019 Cosmo showdog career was up for evaluation – and I cannot say much has changed. lol. He is no golden boy in the show world but he is in my eyes and at least we have fun! We’ve started ring training and it’s deffinetly worth it. Cosmo is having a blast in the ring while I’m struggling with my nerves and trying to stay cool. I think in the year to come we’ll continue on with a few more shows because if nothing else it’s a great way to spend time with other Cavalier lovers like myself.


2019 was also the year that we launched this website! It’s my first ever attempt of making a website and I must admit I’m pretty damn proud of it! The website works as a platform for all the adventures we have combined. Here we have tried to gather all of our adventures into one. It’s also a chance to get to know us a little better and dive into the Cosmo universe. We had a 2 year anniversary pop up store with some very cute Cosmo magnets! Thank you everyone who supported us! We might do something like it again so keep your eyes open for that!

We also launched our Blog. “What noone ever told you” was first up and my first ever blog but deffinetly not the last! More has followed, here’s mentioning a few; “How we Tongue out tuesdays”, “10 ways to spend a rainy day”, “Fresh out of the shower” and more! Thank you everyone for reading along! We cant wait to share more with you in the new year! We already have a few up on the drawing board for you!

If you haven’t read our blogs yet – go find them here! I’m always happy to hear from you if you have any ideas or wishes for blogs aswell- that won’t change going into 2020!

On a personal note

For 2019 I wanted to put myself out there more and meet new people. I hoped to improve as a wife, a mother, as a nurse and as a friend. I guess for some of these you would have to ask the people around me. But I deffinetly have been putting myself out there more and trying harder!

I have met some amazing people through instagram and it has been so much fun meeting so many of you!

Back in may 2019 I quit my job through 7 years and moved on to a new one. Taking on a new professional challenge was scary but rewarding and now 6 months later I am happy I took a chance and challenged myself both personally and professionally.

I should also mention that I couldn’t possibly do this without my husband – Cosmos Cavdad. While he’s mostly behind the scene he’s actually a huge part of it all. He’s my webmaster, my camera-guy, my dogshow caddy, my story dude, my advicer, my rock and my love. He’s always there supporting my Cosmo obsession and so encurraging and cheering me on as I put my time and energy into this adventure.

Hopes and Dreams

For 2020 I hope to continue this journey with Cosmo and you guys. I hope to continue doing what we’re doing on Instagram staying true to what we have build and share our doggy life with you all. I hope to continue to connect with you as I have so far and I hope to grow as an account, as a photografer and as a dogmom.

I want to keep this website alive and share new blogs with you in the year to come. I hope to share a mix of fun and helpfull blogs, inspirational pieces, articles and thoughts and I hope you’ll want to read along!

More importantly I ofcourse hope to see Cosmo bred in 2020! I hope it all goes well and that the lady will be blessed with a gorgeous and healthy litter. Ofcourse I will be bringing you guys along should we be so lucky!

For now Cosmo is approved for breeding with his current tests until he’s 4 years old. Therefore next step is Cosmo’s heart scan in May making sure he’s up to date! This will hopefully have him approved for breeding from age 4 to 5! I also dream about adding an other member to our family. I dream about having two cavaliers but torn between the dream of keeping a son of Cosmo (Because – omg imagine a mini-Cosmo!) or bringing in new blood.(I’ve got puppy fever so bad!) So while I figure out the finances, the pros and the cons this decision is still up in the air. I’m excited to see where it lands and I promise you’ll be the first to know!

So with this look back on 2019 and our hopes and dreams for 2020 there is just left to wish you all a Happy New Year. I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for all of us!

Do you have any hopes for us in 2020? Something you hope to see from our account? A blog you hope to read? A picture you hope to see? A story you hope we share? – Let me know in the comments below and we’ll try to make all your 2020-wishes come true!

With lots of love

Cute Cosmo and I

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs. 2019 was certainly an amazing year for you and Cosmo and I’m sure 2020 will be just as exciting.

  2. Love this blog post! Especially love the added extra about you at the end love hearing the behind the scenes, you smashed all of your 2019 goals! And I’m truly inspired to do the same with ours this year! Looking forward to another Cosmo filled year ❤️

  3. Such a beautiful post!!
    It was so nice to look back to your adventures and milestones of 2019…so many beautiful moments and great accomplishment!! Wish you all the best for 2020!!

    1. Kære Zenia og Cosmo
      Jeg blev faktisk helt rørt over at læse jeres “post”. Så fint og velskrevet ♥️ Det var en fornøjelse at møde jer til juleudstillingen, og jeg håber, vi ses igen i det nye år. Håber alle jeres drømme går i opfyldelse i det nye år – og mere til ✨✨
      Kram og hundekys Frida, Molly & Rie

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