#Article: My Dog on Social Media

Hey guys!

A while ago I sat down and wrote an article for the danish magazine Cavalierposten. Cavalierposten is puplished 4 times a year by The Danish Cavalier Club here in Denmark where we live. I wanted to write an article about my journey with Cosmo on social media. I wanted to let people know that being on social media is more than just like-hunting and followercounts. That social media offers many adventures and a big community with lots to offer! And ofcourse I wanted to share this article with you guys too! So here it is – a run through how we got started and a few thoughts and stories from our journey.

Thank YOU for making it all possible!

I have put up an English version for all my international friends and added the original danish article aswell. Just choose below:

For English version tap here:

My Dog on Social Media

“… And then there are the little fun stories I get that makes me smile along the way. A friend from France messaged us one day telling us how she had been walking her lille tricoloured Cavalier down the streets of Paris. An english tourist had passed her and exclaimed: “LOOK! It’s Cosmo!”- I found that story pretty amazing I must say. ….”

For dansk version tryk her:

Hund på sociale medier

“….Og så er der alle de små sjove historier, som giver smil med på vejen. En Instagram-ven fra Frankrig skrev til mig i forsommeren, at hun havde gået en tur ned af gaderne i Paris med sin tricolour Bella. En engelsk turist havde passeret hende på gaden og udbrudt ”Oooh look! – It’s Cosmo!” Det synes jeg faktisk var lidt fantastisk.   ….”