New blog just launched!

Fresh out of the shower!

Cute Cosmo’s Full Bath & Groom!

Here they are! All my little tips and tricks – all the inside information on how I keep that long fur of his mat free and super shiny! Everything you’ve been asking me about!

Grab a coffee – you’re in for quite a read! #Sorrynotsorry

To thank you all for reading along there’s a surprise giveaway for you at the end of this blog! You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Just CLICK HERE to go straight to the detailed blog on how I do a full bath and groom with Cute Cosmo the Cavalier!

2 Replies to “New blog just launched!”

  1. Hey! I’m interested in the shampoo you use, went to the website and couldn’t get past checkout because the language barrier- any tips?

    1. For anyone else being curious about an answer to this:
      If you for any reason can not make it through checkout when ordering the shampoo/conditioner. Please dont hesitate to use their contact form and they’ll help you with completing your order ♥️

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