Hello! It’s been so long!

Welcome back! – or just simply WELCOME if you’re new! Maybe you didn’t even know this page excisted! I’d deffinetly understand why. We haven’t been active on here since february when Disco first moved in. We had so many plans and exciting ideas for new blogs. Then Covid_19 happened and life happened and the site just suddenly faded into the background. Sadly….

And now – close to 5 months later – we have been coming back on the site and I must admit I kind of miss it. So we asked today on our stories if you miss it too? Maybe some of you do and maybe some of you are here for the first time! If you are you should go have a look around. Tap that Blog section for a good read. There’s a bit of everything.

So! Let us know what you think! Should we get back in the game? Get this website updated and up and running again?! I’ll leave the comments open on here aswell so leave us a message! We’d love to hear from you!

Big hugs and kisses

Cosmo, Disco & Me

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