Latest news & updates!

We’ve kickstarted 2020 full speed and it’s time for an update on the website!

  • Minor changes and updates around the website; In the “About us”, “Featured at” & “Instagram” section aswell as adding new photoes in the “Cavology” section! Go have a look around.
  • Mainly for my Danish followers: I just updated “Hundeparadiset” with an other round of “Cosmo’s monthly Favourites”. I hope you’ll find lots of inspiration in regards to what treats you’d like to try next! This time I found a great long lasting treat! Just click here to find out which! I am also happy to announce that we will continue working with Hundeparadiset in 2020!
  • To celebrate everything 20 – like the year 2020 AND us reaching 20.000 followers on @Instagram – we will be hosting a few giveaways in the upcoming weeks! For now I can reveal Cavology and Hundeparadiset as sponsers but I have more up my sleeve. It will be a mix of national and international giveaways. So stay tuned over at @cutecosmo_thecavalier for a chance to win – First one will be launched TODAY!

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