How we Tongue Out Tuesdays!

I’m sure you’ve notised that we love a good #TongueOutTuesday post! – Some of you have even crowned Cosmo “The King of ToT” throughout the last year and we’re so honered to have been given such a honorable title by all of you followers out there! Cosmo has such an expressive face – he just makes me laugh! For those who have no idea what I’m on about here’s a little collage of ToTs we’ve done throughout the past year 🙂

So when I was invited to guest star on @khaleesi_thedobe’s Free Training and Photography Course during her #pawsitivepursuitdonates I could not resist! If you haven’t already I recommend you check it out! So inspirering and lots of little tips and tricks on how to nail those Instagram photos and have fun with training all in one! We did a guest star video on ‘How to Tongue Out Tuesday’ And I thought I wanted to share this with all of you guys here too so that you can have fun doing your own cool ToT-shots just like us!

So let’s get startet!

I have always used treats when going on photoshoots with Cosmo. And our first tongue out picture was honestly more or less of an accident. Pure anticipation of the next treat and then me catching that tongue on camera by luck! Because – let’s be real here. There are plenty outtakes like these to each photo I post!

We’ve been doing ToT-shots more purposely for quite a while now and boy does Cosmo know what’s up! It is so much fun! As soon as I pull out that little table for him to sit on and bring out the camera – There he is! Ready to work with me! I don’t even have to tell him to get on the table. He just knows what to do! I love that we both have fun doing these pictures! This is just one of the great things about Instagram. It inspires us to engage in all sorts of training and qualitytime with our dogs when working on getting those fun or beautiful Instagram pictures!

How do we do it?

Well – I use a high level reward treat like pork paté or salmon on a tube – anything that will stick to a spoon really. Peanutbutter would work like a charm too for sure! As long as it gets your pup excited and makes that mouth water and that tongue stick out!

I use the spoon to gently tap some of it onto his nose for him to lick off while luring him with the spoon into in the direction I want. And then I simply get those tongue pictures while he reaches for the tasty treat on his nose! It’s a perfect win win for both of us !

I’ve made this little 1 minute video of what a ToT-session usually looks like for us! Here you can see step by step how we set up, prep the treat, how I tap it onto his nose and snatch those pictures! Just press that PLAY button!

Step by step ToT photoshoot with me and Cute Cosmo The Cavalier!

So! Now you’ve had a peak behind the scenes and you know all about how we do our Tongue Out Tuesday photos for Instagram! I hope it has inspired you to try this out with your own pup aswell! It is really not that hard once you get into it! Please share your results with me by tagging @cutecosmo_thecavalier in your Tongue Out post or stories! I’d love to see how it went!

Also – If you are a fan of Tongue Out Tuesdays with Cosmo – The King of ToT ? Then you’re going to love what I have in store for you later this week! #StayTuned

XOXO Cosmo & Zenia

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  1. I love to see how much fun he has while shooting!! He’s so cute!! <3
    And…he's definitely the King of Tots!! 😉

    1. Thank you SO much Valentine and Jane! So glad you can see we have fun! And thank you for leaving a comment. The King Of ToT has something very exciting coming up later this week! #StayTuned! Love from Cosmo & Zenia

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